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Symptoms of Male Genital Herpes

With regard to findings by Mayo clinic, genital herpes a common disease which is sexually transmitted and associated with itching, sore and pain around the genitalia. It is caused by the herpes simplex virus and easily spread through oral sex. Although there is no known treatment for this condition, it can be controlled by a daily intake of prescribed herpes medication or at the time the symptoms appear.

Although condoms play a vital role in the prevention of the spreading of this disease and others that can be transmitted sexually, the herpes virus can spread through fluids. Erectile dysfunction and herpes People suffering from genital herpes are likely to experience erectile dysfunction. However, there exists no clinically proven findings, but documented herpes cases leading to psychological importance do exist. Male symptoms of genital herpes such as erectile dysfunction may be promoted with anxiety and being worried of transmitting the virus to others.

If you are going through a mental anguish, the possibility of experiencing physiological or physical male symptoms may be high. Temporary erectile dysfunction may occur due to the fear of transmitting the disease to your partner. Therapeutic diagnosis of herpes Your doctor can carry out a medical diagnosis on genital herpes basing on physical tests and the outcome of the tests carried out in laboratory.

These may include: DNA tests: Sore tissue, blood samples or fluid from the spine may be used in the medical diagnosis to identify the existence of the HSV and determine the type of HSV in your system Blood testing: blood sampling analysis is vital medical diagnosis in establishing the existence of HSV antibodies to identify the herpes virus infection history Viral culturing: This is a medical diagnosis that is associated with taking sore scrapings or tissue samples for a laboratory check-up Treatments and medicines Genital herpes’ cure does not exist; however, treatments may be provided using antiviral medication prescriptions to: Provide treatments for sores and enable them heal faster during an official attack Ease the gravity and length of the male symptoms in chronic attacks. Cut down the recurrent rates Reduce the possibilities of spreading the virus to others. There are various antiviral medications for the genital herpes: Zovirax (acyclovir) Valacyclovir – Valtrex Famvir (famciclovir) Your healthcare provider may advice you to use the drug only during an outbreak of the male symptoms. Still, after carrying out medical diagnosis, he may recommend that you use the medicine on a daily basis even if there are no threats of an outbreak to ensure that the chances of outbreaks recurring are minimized. For those individuals exhibiting serious complications such as erectile dysfunctions may require hospital admission so that they can be intravenously on antiviral treatments.

Medical advice for the prevention genital herpes Medical advice for the prevention of the genital herpes menace is similar to those used in the prevention of all infections that are sexually transmitted. The main objective is to keep away from the HSV infection, a highly contagious disease in the presence of lesions. However, it is important to abstain from unsafe sexual activities. You can ensure this by: Using latex condoms when engaging in sex Having only one sex partner Avoiding sexual intercourse with individuals who have a genital herpes outbreak around any part of the body

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Published on: 15.12.2013


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